CABB: thriving long-term industrial partnership


CABB is a fine chemical company with a production site in Kokkola Industrial Park, Finland. The Kokkola site produces agrochemicals and intermediates for international chemical companies. The production process utilises several complex chemical reactions, so ensuring the smooth running and safety of the plant is crucial.

The maintenance staff working for Caverion have been taking care of maintenance at the Kokkola site since the facility was built. Our professionalism and local expertise are at the heart of this successful partnership.

Caverion enables flexible maintenance

Caverion has an ongoing maintenance contract with CABB, covering HVAC and plumbing and several other tasks. We also help with mechanical installation, electrical installation, construction and design work as needed.

“When it comes to building maintenance tasks, we only need to make a phone call and Caverion immediately sends someone to solve the issue. Cooperation with the Caverion staff has been smooth and they are always up to date on what’s happening with us”, says Plant Services Manager Jouko Riihimäki.

Caverion also manages CABB’s spare parts warehouse and coordinate the use and procurement of spare parts with the client. In a big industrial area, spare parts can easily end up in the wrong place and not logged into the inventory, so outsourcing the warehouse management considerably lessens the workload for CABB.

Design services as part of the partnership

In addition to maintenance work for CABB, we also offer electrical, plumbing and process design services as a part of our partnership. We also manage the Kokkola site’s archive of technical drawings.

Caverion District Manager Harry Still has worked with CABB on various projects. “One of the strengths of our offering is our engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) deliveries. We examine the client’s current situation and needs together with them, and design, plan and implement the delivery as a package deal”, Still says.

With a local partner, help is always close at hand

The staffing needs of a production site change throughout the year and even proactive maintenance can’t predict every possible situation. We provide CABB with extra staff for maintenance shutdowns and urgent repairs.

“The biggest challenge in the event of an unexpected fault is getting repair staff on site quickly. Being able to continue production is often a matter of hours”, says Still.

As a local provider, we are able to send staff to the client’s site on a short notice. The long-running partnership guarantees quick reactions tailored to the specific challenges of the CABB site.

“Caverion has good local knowledge of the fields in which they operate. This really helps us succeed”, Riihimäki says.

Expert maintenance for industrial sites

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