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Preventive maintenance
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Work safety
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 Our maintenance staff have the resources of the entire corporation to draw from, which benefits our clients in the form of affordable purchasing channels and better contracts. For scheduled maintenance and other tasks requiring extra staff, we can bring in personnel we are already familiar with, which reduces the need for hiring subcontractors. 

Maintenance Manager Markku Rintanen, Caverion

Forchem is a cleantech company located in Rauma, Finland. They refine crude tall oil and research the various uses for CTO in place of nonrenewable raw materials. CTO, a byproduct of the kraft pulp industry, is a sustainable alternative to be used in paints, glues and lubricants. The Forchem refinery opened in 2002 and since then, Caverion has been the chosen maintenance partner.

Challenge: efficient production and utmost work safety

The Forchem facility is a modern, high-performance refinery. The distillation capacity is approximately 175,000 tons and productivity requirements are high, which means that maintenance personnel need to be overseeing and optimizing the operations constantly to ensure efficient production.

Level of automation is high at the refinery and to keep the production up and running, preventive maintenance is required as the availability of spare parts is limited and delivery times are long. The environment also presents its own challenges: the chemicals and high temperatures in the refinery create a potentially explosive atmosphere. This affects maintenance tasks when it comes to selecting the right compatible and safe spare parts, for example.

Solution: reliable, comprehensive maintenance service

Having been involved since the building stage of the refinery, Caverion maintenance staff is very familiar with the facility which helps with the long-term planning of maintenance.

Caverion is in charge of managing and coordinating all maintenance tasks in the Rauma refinery. This includes both mechanical maintenance and electric automation maintenance as well as warehouse functions, like managing the spare parts warehouse. Caverion also plans shutdowns and oversees the yearly planned maintenance, which includes managing the additional staff hired for the occasion.

Productivity and proactive workplace safety are key to the operation. Caverion also takes care of legally required supervision tasks with e.g. the liquid boiler and natural gas equipment. This guarantees that everything runs smoothly and safely, and complies with regulation.

Industrial maintenance services

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