Ragde Eiendom reduced energy consumption with EnPC


When Ragde Eiendom purchased the property in Østre Aker vei 60 back in 2020, they were aware that it was a complex building with great potential. The property consists of tenants with different needs and energy usage: from a car wash to cold storage, offices and a padel centre. At the time, Ragde Eiendom did not have an overview of the total energy use of the building nor the usage per tenant. Thus, we recommended Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC) project.

"One of the big benefits of EnPCs for us as a customer is that we are in the loop during the whole process and can see value and savings already from the first measures," says Lars Åmellem, Business Development, Ragde Innovation, on the video. Watch the video and learn more about Radge's story!


 When we entered phase 3, also called the guarantee phase, we saw that we had already reduced the energy consumption by 3.3GWh which corresponds to almost 50% of the original energy consumption for this property.  

Marte Aaltvedt, Unit Leader, Caverion Advisory


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