Särkänniemi: amusement park ride installations in challenging conditions

We have been the framework contract supplier for ride installations at Särkänniemi amusement park since 2016. We deliver off-season ride installation and repair projects. Safety is very important in an amusement park environment that also has small children as customers.

Installation and repair work in Särkänniemi

Särkänniemi is Finland's second largest amusement park, with more than 600,000 visitors a year. During the off-season, a variety of ride maintenance and installation work is carried out in the park. An important starting point for all work is to ensure the safety of amusement park visitors in all situations.

Caverion has been a framework contract supplier for Särkänniemi since 2016. Together with ride manufacturer representatives, we have carried out the mechanical installations of all new rides and, if necessary, moved existing rides as the layout of the park has changed. In addition, we support Särkänniemi’s own maintenance team by handling extensive maintenance and repair projects and ride modernisation every year.

Hype: Roller coaster installation in record time

Our largest project to date has been the electromechanical installation of the Hype roller coaster in 2017. Hype, by US manufacturer Premier Rides, has a different operating mechanic compared to the other rides in the park. It was the first roller coaster in the Nordic countries with three launch points along the course, and also the highest roller coaster in Finland.

Due to the scale of the project, assembling of the ride began as early as January and the mechanical installation was completed during the coldest and darkest months. Due to the limited working space, we used a shift arrangement to complete the installation, which allowed the work to progress rapidly despite the challenging conditions. We set an installation record for the equipment manufacturer: the entire roller coaster was assembled in just six weeks. We also did electrical installations for Hype.

Long-term cooperation guarantees ride safety and functionality

Safety plays a particularly important role in Särkänniemi. The safety of the rides and surrounding areas must be guaranteed at all times, as the rides carry people and there are a lot of children in the park during the summer season.

The long-standing cooperation between Caverion and Särkänniemi makes it possible to ensure safety in the mechanical installation of the rides. Thanks to our expertise and large service portfolio, we are able to take care of a wide range of projects and deliver results on time.

"Caverion is a great maintenance partner, both in acute matters and in long-term planning," says Miikka Seppälä, CEO of Särkänniemi. “I’m especially impressed by Caverion's solution-oriented approach and their desire to be on the same team with the customer. Projects are handled promptly and with care, while also taking into account long-term repair and maintenance needs.”


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