Process chemistry reactor installation for VTT Bioruukki


Caverion delivered a number of projects for the new VTT Bioruukki pilot centre, including the relocation and installation of reactors and other equipment, the manufacture of pipelines, and electrical, automation and instrumentation installations. We have a wealth of experience in industrial equipment transfers and we bring best practices to each of our projects.

Equipment installation on a tight schedule

Bioruukki is a pilot centre run by VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland. The pilot centre offers piloting facilities and services for bio-based products, including a unique range of expert services as well as process development units and reactors. At Bioruukki, companies can develop their products and processes in areas such as low-carbon energy solutions and sustainable chemicals.

Caverion's project delivery included the transfer of process chemistry reactors and equipment from the old pilot facilities to Bioruukki. In addition, we delivered the installation of steel structures and piping, as well as electrical, automation and instrumentation installations at the new pilot centre. The requirements of the pipelines, the sensitive equipment, the small working spaces and the tight schedule of the project posed some challenges. Half of the process facilities are potentially explosive atmospheres, so the challenge was also in finding out how to complete the project safely and efficiently with the number of staff that could fit into the space at one time.

Success with shift work and long experience

Caverion has extensive experience in industrial equipment transfers and we have also carried out several equipment transfer projects for VTT.

"Caverion was selected as a supplier because they had previous experience of similar work," says Harri Luomala from VTT. “They were also able to deliver us the entire project with all the necessary parts, so there was no need to split the delivery between different subcontractors. Caverion's staff was very skilled with a great work ethic.”

The pipe delivery included the installation of pipes in accordance with module A2 of the Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU). Bioruukki's processes use hazardous chemicals under high pressure and high temperatures, so the safety of installation solutions required special precision.

To account for the lack of working space and the schedule requirements, we developed a shift arrangement for the project that allowed Caverion's personnel to work at Bioruukki as efficiently as possible, one group at a time. Similar methods can be utilised on other projects where a lot of work needs to get done in a short time in small spaces.

“The project with Caverion went very well, although there were some changes in the plans during the project,” says Luomala. “Caverion was also able to adapt to changing circumstances with the coronavirus: work was done in shifts to limit potential exposure to the virus. This was a good solution for an urgent project like this one.”

Professional, efficient installation services

Managing and completing a demanding project with many moving parts requires a skilled and professional team. With our long experience, we are able to provide design and installation services for industrial sites. Using a single supplier reduces the customer's workload, since Caverion is responsible for resourcing the project and coordinating the work.


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