Energy saving projects help secure the value of your property

Choosing energy efficient building systems, services, maintenance and automation can result in over 30% savings in building energy consumption. Significant savings often come simply from optimizing the settings of different building technology systems.

Conserving energy reduces the operating costs of your property and increases its value. Of course, it often helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions as well.

Low energy costs and high ROI

An energy conservation project focuses on reducing the energy usage of your property. The project can be financed by future cost savings and very often the investment is fully paid back in 3-5 years.

Concrete actions that help conserve energy and optimise operations include.:

  • installing renewable energy sources like heat pumps
  • adopting technology for recovering excess heat
  • optimising technical building system parameters, such as lighting levels, ventilation schedules and indoor temperatures.

Get guaranteed results on your energy conservation project

Even in demanding properties such as hospitals, laboratories and exhibition halls, our customers have achieved significant cost-savings with our energy conservation projects. In Finland our energy conservation projects have saved on an average over 20 % of the building’s total energy consumption.

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