Boost the energy efficiency of your building with Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC)


The performance of your building is closely related to its overall environmental impact. As you increase the energy efficiency of your building, you will typically reduce your carbon footprint. An Energy Performance Contract (EnPC) is a risk-free way to increase energy efficiency as the investment is paid back in reduced energy costs.

Increase energy efficiency with a risk-free investment

Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC) provides a comprehensive set of energy efficiency measures combined with guaranteed results. Key performance indicators are set in the contract to ensure monetary payback if the promised results are not delivered. This effectively eliminates any risk for you as the property owner.

As your chosen partner we are in charge of staying in budget during the agreement, covering everything needed for completing the measures, including analyses, decisions, modernisations and in-house follow ups. We can also help you utilize a number of investment financing support models, such as different subsidies, aid models and green loans.

EnPC works equally well for municipalities and other public sector organisations, the private sector and in all kinds of different industries.

Optimised energy performance with guaranteed results and no risk

The Caverion Energy Performance Contracting model includes:

  • Business case analysis
  • Project execution
  • Guaranteed energy performance 
  • Configuration management

Get in touch and we will show you how you can reduce your carbon footprint with the help of Energy Performance Contracting.


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