Fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems protect the people inside your building and minimise damages

An uncontrolled fire is a disaster for human safety, property loss and business continuity. The flames and fumes are a health risk, expensive equipment and material can be lost and the business operation comes to a sudden halt as the building cannot be used.

The first step towards fire safety is a fire detection system. Once a fire is detected, the next step is to extinguish it with effective fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems.

Increase the safety of your property with modern fire extinguishing

A well-maintained property, where people feel safe increases the building’s value and improves the employer brand of the companies based in the building. Fire extinguishing is an important part of building safety so investing in the right equipment and proper maintenance is well worth the effort and will more than pay itself back in the event of a fire.

As the types of properties as well as the activities and fire loads in them differ, expert help is needed in assessing and delivering the right fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems for your premises.

State-of-the-art fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems secure your property through its entire lifecycle

We have vast expertise and experience in both standard and tailored fire extinguishing, sprinkler systems and suppression agents. Whatever your buildings specifications are, we guarantee a reliable and effective solution that fits your needs.

Our lifecycle approach ensures that your solution is functional and optimised throughout its lifecycle. Tailored planning, high-quality installations and regular maintenance provide the optimal solution for your property’s fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems.

You can concentrate on your core business without worrying about fire equipment. We repair and we carry out annual and other scheduled and completely customisable maintenance plans as part of a long-term partnership.

We can help you design, install and maintain:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems
  • Foam-based extinguishing systems
  • Kitchen fire extinction
  • Fire first responder equipment.

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