Coordinate alarms with a connected Alarm System

Sudden risks, such as a fire or a water leak, put your building users and property in danger and can…

Sudden risks, such as a fire or a water leak, put your building users and property in danger and can also cause major problems for business continuity. However, managing all the alarms of your property can be resource intensive. How can you optimally combine building safety and resource efficiency?


Increase safety with a connected alarm transfer system

Alarms need to be transferred to the right places. For example, alarming the police does not help with a leaking water pipe. An alarm system that connects alarms to the right responders increases the safety of the building users, reduces the damages to your property and minimizes downtime.

Use cases that benefit from an alarm transfer system:

  1. Fire alarm: Detects fires immediately and alarms the fire department.
  2. Intruder alarm:  Detects trespassers on your property.
  3. Property alarm: Sends an alarm if, for example, a window has been left open.
  4. Equipment fault alarm: Detects and alarms if a sensor has a malfunction and stops sending data.
  5. Lift alarm: Ensures that people stuck in an elevator get help fast.
  6. Environmental alarm: Detects if the climate in a property is outside its set parameters for temperature or humid

Single point of contact for the lifecycle of your connected alarm system

To protect your property and its users, our safety systems ensure that your alarms are delivered to the intended destination. A line fault monitor connection for fire, burglary or fault alarms sends the alarms directly to the alarm center and/or to your own contact persons. 

Ideally, the alarm system is used in connection with CCTV and access control systems. They produce comprehensive data about incidents which might be helpful, for instance, for criminal investigations.

We provide holistic management of all your building alarms, from planning and installation to maintenance, so you do not have to worry about the security of your properties. We define the best solution for you and take care of all the necessary elements, so your building users stay safe and your property secure.

Keep your property safe

Depending on your technical setup, you can get our alarm systems delivered as a wireless or wired service.


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