Ventilation Systems that improve your buildings indoor climate and conditions

Since we spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, an optimised indoor climate is crucial. All…

Since we spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, an optimised indoor climate is crucial. All buildings benefit from ventilation that improves their indoor climate, conditions and comfort. Ideally, the ventilation systems should be compact, cost-efficient, end-user friendly and easy to implement to existing spaces.


Ventilation systems that improve your building’s indoor climate

Modern ventilation systems are hardly noticeable as they integrate to other building technology. They are also flexible making it easy to do renovations and changes in the building. In many of our operating countries, we are even able to provide our own solutions with prefabricated elements which are particularly cost-efficient and easy to install. All of these systems collect all building technology – ventilation, heating, cooling, electricity, sprinklers etc. - into one ceiling element. The tastefully designed elements save space and create a clean and tidy room impression.

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  • LuxCool innovative chilled beam system
  • SmartClima heating and cooling radiator with ventilation and lighting

Optimise productivity and well-being with Caverion ClimaCeil

  • Caverion ClimaCeil is an advanced, demand-controlled ventilation system

Why choose Caverion for your ventilation renovation?

With our extensive know-how in the design and installation of ventilation and air-conditioning solutions, we design the best possible solution for your project, complete with the hardware needed; While we have some own modular systems, we act vendor independent and will recommend the solution that best fits your needs. Learn more about our expertise in designing, building and maintaining ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

All of the solutions we install are suitable for modernisations as well as for renovation projects. The solutions we offer save time, improve the overall quality, and reduce the need for alterations.Our ventilation systems are cost-efficient and provide your building users with optimal conditions. Get in touch and we will show you how you can easily optimise the indoor conditions of your building.


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