Outdoor lighting control solutions

We deliver versatile outdoor lighting control solutions for street, road and outdoor lighting locations. We execute the entire project from planning to installation and offer maintenance services for the upkeep of the solution.

Lighting control solutions are part of electrical installations, and available control technology ranges from conventional control methods to advanced lighting control solutions. We offer versatile lighting control solutions for street and outdoor lighting locations down to the level of an individual lighting fixture, regardless of the intended use.

We provide control solutions for the following types of outdoor lighting, for instance:

  • Street lighting
  • Road lighting
  • Lighting for densely populated areas
  • Outdoor lighting, including parks, yards, exercise facilities and exercise routes
  • Landscape and spot lighting

The number of different outdoor lighting control solutions keeps on increasing and control options become more versatile. We cooperate closely with our subcontractors, and we can offer our clients the latest technology and the best possible solutions. 

Solutions and products are always designed with the client in mind, and the implementation method is chosen together with our clients according to the special requirements of each case. Our competent personnel have all the permits and qualifications required by authorities for carrying out work related to outdoor lighting. 

We also take care of modification and renovation

Lighting electricity solutions include all traditional electrical installations. If our clients request, we also carry out modifications and renovations of existing lighting control centres. 

Monitoring of control systems ensures functionality and energy efficiency

A well designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting control system significantly improves the functionality of street and outdoor lighting, for instance. Regular and competent monitoring ensures the functionality of systems and saves energy.

Lighting technology processes are subject to centralized 24/7 monitoring. Our control room cooperates with our client Call Centre, which registers service requests from contract clients. Together, these functions form the client service centre, which is available for contract clients on any day. 

Right lighting for each location

Lighting technology evolves quickly and the selection of suitable lighting technology depends largely on the intended use and type of location. It is important to select the right lighting for each purpose. For end users, it is also significant that the colour and brightness of lighting are appropriate for the intended purpose and that the lighting fixtures look good.