Industrial boilers 

We offer services ranging from boiler house repairs, process modifications and maintenance to new investments.

Our specialities include projects related to prolonging the life and increasing the efficiency of boilers in the energy, process and steel industries.

The comprehensive projects may also include incineration method or fuel changes. Our service chain covers everything from design and materials deliveries to construction, installation and maintenance.

Quick maintenance and repair

Our repair and maintenance crews, comprised of competent and skilled technicians, solve customers’ problems quickly. Thanks to our extensive resources, we can handle challenging projects, such as plant outage projects, without problems. We always deliver on time, so plant outage times can be kept to a minimum.

Our workshop in Varkaus is specialised in making industrial boilers and boiler parts. With high-quality design and material choices as well as professional implementation, we prolong boiler life and maintenance intervals.

Our offering for power plants:

  • Power plant boilers
  • Soda recovery boilers
  • Heat recovery boilers
  • Superheaters
  • Economisers
  • Industrial energy equipment solutions