• Microsoft Lyngby

Microsoft Lyngby, Denmark

When you enter IT firm Microsoft's new Danish HQ in Lyngby, the building seems light and open. A cafe bar by the entrance is for anyone who likes good coffee, and an area of the ground floor often plays host to large events. The building is light, and Henning Larsen Architects have created an edifice featuring masses of glass on the facade.

Original text: Louise Wilhelmsen | Photos: Ronni Noer Høirup

Microsoft in Denmark is much more than just software. Through its partnerships, technological innovations and staff, the company is helping to overcome challenges in society and create economic opportunities.

Microsoft's mission is to empower every person, every business and every organisation on the planet to achieve their full potential. IT helps to provide innovation, efficiency and growth throughout Danish society. In the public sector, at educational institutions and in business.


Service Areas

  • Project Management
  • Project Execution
  • Design & Engineering


  • Security & Safety
  • Electricity

Client Segments

  • General Contractors
  • Real Estate Investors and Developers


  • Office

Yet although the building signals openness at first glance, security is paramount at Microsoft. Caverion has been responsible for security in the building, and thus for ensuring that no uninvited guests get close to the data being guarded in the building.

The Microsoft group has a general security policy and it is applied to both people and data. Caverion has provided access control, video surveillance, port telephony, personal attack alarms, theft protection and, via a subcontractor, speed gates at the entrance.

Great attention on entrance

Microsoft's Security Manager explains that you cannot just walk in and make your way up through the building. Everything is under video surveillance, and great attention is paid to who comes in. There are always two people on reception and guests can only move on to certain areas with a pass or approval. 

Two departments brought together

Consumers, businesses and other organisations use Microsoft's products every day, and Microsoft's new home houses around 850 employees. In November 2015, two Microsoft departments - the development centre in Vedbæk and the Danish sales company in Hellerup - were brought together in Lyngby.

Beneath the building is underground parking, which is used by the many employees during the day. Outside working hours, the basement is open to everyone. 
Microsoft's Security Manager explains that security is tight here too, and that you cannot get up into the building from this part of the car park without a pass. Generally, employees must use a pass when they want to get to different parts of the building. There is data in the building that is not allowed out of there, and that is one reason why the security is so high.

Working to Microsoft's standards

Søren Rosborg, Project Manager at Caverion,says this project is different from the many other security briefs he has helped manage. The project was carried out as a collaboration between the two Caverion departments Building Contracts East and Special Competences West, Security.

“This project has been exciting, and differs from others because, while we often advise our customers on their chosen security solution, in this case we implemented it. With Microsoft, everything was laid down, and a plan was drawn up that was not to be deviated from. That's what we did, asking a few questions at most," Rosborg explains. Microsoft requires all products used to be approved by it.

Following Microsoft guidelines

Caverion usually follows its own standards for documentation and design, but this too was different in its collaboration with Microsoft.

"Everything has to be done in accordance with Microsoft guidelines, and everything has to comply with Microsoft standards," Rosborg says.

Microsoft requires all Caverion technicians to have undergone authorised Lenel training, as a Lenel security system is in use.

"I have the highest level Lenel training certification, which Microsoft requires for those who have to programme and commission the security system Microsoft uses," Rosborg states.

18.000 m2 office space

850 employees

12.000 m2 parking space


Facilities to meet high security standards at Microsoft

Caverion solutions

  • Access control, Lenel with HID card readers
  • Video surveillance, Lenel, UTC with Sony cameras
  • Port telephone system, Aiphone
  • Assault alarm system Lenel, UTC
  • Anti-theft system, Lenel, UTC and Honeywell
  • Speed gates, Gunnebo