Technical Service & Maintenance in Industry

With good maintenance, we ensure, for example, the high-quality, safe and uninterrupted production of food, energy, materials and raw materials. Our 3000 professionals in Finland and Poland support many different industries as well as energy generation and distribution and are also available for oversees projects. Our flexible resources help you when you are in a hurry. Whether it’s fault repairs, constant maintenance, or maintenance development, we’re your partner.

We can support you on a project basis or on a permanent basis - or both! We are your solid partner when you want to focus on your own business and outsource your plant maintenance fully.

We use the latest tools and solutions to increase the predictability of maintenance to your advantage. They help eliminate unplanned downtime and make maintenance operations truly proactive.

We offer, for example, the following services at your plant:

  • Technical measuring services, for example vibration measurements and thermal imaging
  • Work according to PED specs
  • Pump and valve maintenance
  • Gearbox maintenance
  • Turbine oil services, oil analysis and cleaning, oil system maintenance
  • Safety inspections and safety analyses
  • DBB measurements
  • Positioning accuracy measurements
  • Tool clamping force measurements
  • Spindle taper grinding
  • Cleaning outside the machine
  • Cutting fluid changes
  • Geometric measurements and adjustments