Orbital and basic welding services

Orbital welding is an automatic welding method in which welding head goes around the work piece, such as pipe. Orbital welding is used in pipe welding when extremely reliable welds are required and the welding needs to be carried out quickly. Our welding operators are top professionals in their field. Thanks to our solid know-how and ability to apply state-of-the-art technology, on-site orbital welding is no problem to us.

We use orbital welding constantly at our workshops and on installation sites. We use it regularly in power plant maintenance and other projects in which speed and quality requirements are extremely demanding.

Our versatile equipment allows us to work in cramped or otherwise challenging environments. Orbital welding is particularly well suited for jobs involving radiation or special purity requirements.

We provide orbital welding services for:

  • Pipe systems in nuclear and other types of power plants
  • Cleanroom environments
  • Prefabrication at workshop
  • On-site installation

Other industrial welding services

Our highly competent professionals are at your service in any of your welding needs. We maintain high level of competence and are capable in working with numerous different materials.