Our people

Caverion’s business success is made through our 16,200 services and projects professionals in twelve countries in Europe. Caverion is turning into a leading service company and a selective master of projects covering the whole life cycle of buildings, industries and infrastructure. We also want to be a technology forerunner providing excellent customer experience. Therefore, in our strategy our employees play an essential role to succeed. Our customers appreciate the Caverion service mindset and expertise to respond quickly and solve challenges of customers. We aim to build such a working environment for our employees that they can perform at their highest potential at every level and provide an excellent service experience to our customers.  All of Caverion’s activities are compliant and guided by ethical principles. The personnel’s rights and responsibilities include the right to a safe and healthy working environment, well-being as well as the prohibition of any kind of discrimination.

Our people related strategic focus areas 

The business environment is changing all the time and digitalization has a big impact on our work both internally and externally. Being able to lead our people to perform well requires clear vision, focus and continuous renewal. In 2017 we launched a new strategy where our people related strategic focus areas are:

o Top performance at every level
o Inspiring leadership
o Right people in right places
o Professional growth

Caverion continued to face challenges in its operations during 2017. Even though many actions took place already in 2016, the results were not satisfactory and we launched further performance and utilisation improvement actions during 2017 to restructure our businesses and reduce our fixed costs. Restructuring actions and the personnel reductions focused mainly on the division Sweden, but also activities were made in other divisions. Performance improvement actions will continue systematically throughout the strategy period “Fit for Growth”.

We continued to develop our leadership capability as one of our strategic focus areas. Through inspiring leadership we engage and motivate our employees and are able to provide them good opportunities to develop their competences and broaden their expertise. Also new resources were needed to fulfil critical competence gaps in certain jobs such as project and service management and technical competence areas. In 2017 we continued our well recognized practice to grow trainees and apprenticeships to get competent resources for Caverion.  At the same time special emphasis was put into our project business to improve our controls and strengthen our project management capability in all divisions. Finding the right resources and being able to focus our development activities into the right competence areas are the most important tasks at hand.