Our people

Caverion’s business success is made through our approximately 16,000 services and projects professionals in eleven countries across Europe. Caverion is continuing its journey towards a leading service company and a selective master of projects covering the whole life-cycle of buildings, industries and infrastructure. We also continue to build our capability to become a forerunner especially on smart technologies, providing excellent customer and employee experience.

Our customers appreciate Caverion service mindset and ability to respond quickly and solve the challenges of our customers an efficient way. Our people are the interface to our customers in everything we do, and hence it is important to offer such a working environment for our employees that they can perform at their highest potential at every level and provide an excellent service experience to our customers. To enforce this, we launched a renewed HR Policy, which states our key principles in people management as well as gives guidance on safety, reward, leadership and many other important practices.

All of Caverion’s activities are compliant and guided by ethical principles. The personnel’s rights and responsibilities include the right to a safe and healthy working environment, well-being, as well as the prohibition of any kind of discrimination. We value diverse workforce and want to enable same opportunities for all. We have paid special attention in 2019 to enable female employees’ contribution by supporting equal opportunities and developing our working environments. This is also one of our clear strengths according to our engagement survey Spirit. 87% of our employees consider that our leaders always demonstrate honest and ethical behavior.

In 2018, Caverion’s personnel decreased by 8%, or 1,266 employees. The number of personnel decreased the most in Division Industrial Solutions and Division Eastern Europe.

Personnel at year’s end, 2014-2019
Age distribution