With our focus on lifecycle management and smart and sustainable solutions and services, Caverion helps customers achieve substantial energy savings and thus mitigate climate change.

 An environmentally compliant supply chain and partners are essential for Caverion. In 2020, 91% of Caverion’s business was ISO 14001 environmentally certified.

ISO 14001 certified business

Environmental risks

Caverion’s own operations are not extensively energy intensive and therefore risks related to growing energy consumption are moderate. Waste generated and chemicals used in Caverion’s operations are recycled and disposed according to regulatory requirements. For most part, the environmental impact of Caverion’s operations relates to local noise or dust. Caverion continuously follows legislation changes on environment in the EU area and in the other operating countries. Caverion is starting a more in-depth analysis on its impacts on global biodiversity. 



Environmental impacts

Our footprint and the Scope 1-2 emissions and impact Caverion has on the environment is moderate, due to the business being focused on services rather than physical products. In Caverion’s own operations, the fuel consumption of its car fleet leaves the most significant environmental footprint. Caverion’s service fleet in 2020 consisted of 4,600 vehicles.

Caverion’s target is to use logistical solutions and modern vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Already an increasing number of gas, hybrid and full electric business cars are in use. Caverion continuously follows the development of technology and is open to increasing the number of alternative eco-friendly vehicles for wider use in the future. Read more about our environmental impacts on our Sustainability Report.

Scope 1-2 emissions

Sustainable and smart offering

As sustainability needs are growing rapidly, Caverion is well positioned to enable a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and digital future for our customers and the whole society. The focus is on delivering long-lasting benefits by combining people, technology and data. Caverion' possesses expert guidance throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings, infrastructure and industrial sites and processes. Caverion's holds expert guidance throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings, infrastructure and industrial sites and processes.

Examples of our smart and sustainable offering:

Caverion ISO 14001 Caverion Scope 1-2 CO2 emissions