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Security systems are often the most important technologies in your building

Designing or upgrading a security system for your building involves some of the most important decisions you can make; after all, there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of people and property.

A well-designed system takes into consideration all aspects of the building and how it’s used: from the possibilities that existing infrastructure and technology enable, to the upgrades or modernisations needed which benefit users and add value to owners.

Nothing more important than the safety and well-being

Making sure the system is fit for purpose as part of the overall ecosystem in the building is essential, as well as ensuring that the solutions which are used are sourced responsibly and installed by skilled, certified professionals. For example, high-security environments such as defence infrastructure or prisons require a high level of certification from suppliers, as well as specialist, expert knowledge about the unique requirements of high security facilities.

Similarly, public, and commercial buildings require thoughtful consideration about how existing systems can or should be integrated to meet varied and changing needs of the building occupants or function.

You should consider at least these topics when investing in a security system:

  • Expected lifetime
  • Operational reliability & resilience
  • Privacy and HSE
  • Sustainability considerations

"The lifetime horizon of a security system is 10-15 years."

If you are interested in diving into this topic in more detail, you can download our easy-to-read guide. In the guide we offer some guidance about what to consider if you are designing or upgrading the safety and security systems in your building(s), and explore some of the solutions available today. You can contact us, if you are planning to invest in security and safety of your property, we are happy help.

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A guide for what to consider when implementing or upgrading security solutions

In this guide, we offer some guidance about what to consider if you are designing or upgrading the safety and security systems in your building(s), and explore some of the solutions available today.

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