How to become #energywise

Cities account for more than 70% of the world’s total CO2 emissions. And buildings account for 40% of EU's final energy consumption and for 36% of CO2 emissions. We need #energywise decisions now.


We are #energywise

For us, #energywise is not just about saving costs and reducing carbon footprint. It is also rewarding and inspiring. See how our customers are embracing #energywise and follow our #energywise journey also on LinkedIn!

See what #energywise means to our people

"For me, energywise means that we don't take a carbon loan from future generations", says Antti Hänninen, Head of Energy and Refrigeration concept, Caverion Finland, on the video.


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See what #energywise means to our customers

"Sustainability is about making energywise choices and not compromise for either people or the environment, and that we use energy-efficent choices in our facilities", says Erik Aronsson, project manager at Vasakronan, on the video.


How can we help you to become #energywise?

Get your energy consumption analysed

The operations of a building account for approximately 80% of a building’s lifetime costs, and 50% of those costs derive from energy consumption. Our goal is to optimise all technical building systems in order to minimise energy consumption, without sacrificing building user experience and conditions.

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Secure the value of your property with the help of Energy Saving projects

Choosing energy efficient building systems, services, maintenance and automation can result in over 30% savings in building energy consumption. Significant savings often come simply from optimizing the settings of different building technology systems.

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Keep your building up and running 24/7

Caverion Remote Centre tracks the functionality of the building’s solutions every day of the week. And did you know that over 90% of building management system alarms do not require an onsite visit? Remote Center Services can benefit your smart building for example by saving up to 60% in maintenance costs and reduce energy costs.

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