Guaranteed 31 percent cost savings to German Foreign Office by Caverion’s efficiency measures


Savings guarantee: 604,000€ per year

22.6% CO2 reduction

Guarantee phase over 10 years 

 Caverion makes sure that the Foreign Office is equipped with the most modern building technology. We save energy as well as costs and at the same time are seen as an innovative role model for other public buildings.  

Ingo Dreßen, Deputy Head of Internal Service

Customer need

  • Further optimisation of an already energy-efficient building through energy-saving contracting


  • In order to minimise the Federal Foreign Office's energy costs, Caverion implemented efficiency measures in all building technology areas.
  • Caverion improved the efficiency of ventilation and air conditioning systems by installing frequency converters and replacing fan drives.
  • A highly efficient compression refrigeration machine was used for the air conditioning.
  • Innovative LED lighting was installed in the underground car park, the bicycle rooms, and the basement corridors.
  • The radiators in around 850 office rooms were given individual room control, the heating system could be further optimized by exchanging pumps and hydraulic balancing.


In 2011 the German Foreign Office had the energy technology of its 177,000m2 building extensively modernized. As a result, the ministry has saved not only more than a quarter of energy costs per year, but also around 1,800 tonnes of CO2, thus making an important contribution to achieving the federal government’s climate protection goals.


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