Excellent conditions in Hämeenlinna's Nummikeskus with the lifecycle model


Over 900
sensors measuring conditions across the property

Lifecycle model
the project was implemented with a lifecycle model with a liability period of 20 years

Real-time monitoring of property conditions with the SmartView customer portal

While collaborating on this project, my perception of Caverion as a strong player was strengthened. I would recommend Caverion for its flexible operating model, consulting with customers, and delivering on promises.

Markku Rimpelä, Strategy Director for the City of Hämeenlinna


  • The facilities needed to be flexible, multi-purpose, and work for users of all ages.
  • Functionality is designed with the child's growth and development in mind. The learning spaces have an open learning area, as well as areas for intensive and quiet work.
  • Technology was harnessed to support the use of the facilities and learning, and clear goals were set for the conditions.
  • The Nummikeskus offers facilities for 900 students and their teachers, as well as a library and maternity clinic.
Hämeenlinna's Nummikeskus exterior
Hämeenlinna's Nummikeskuks interior


  • The project was implemented using the life-cycle model, and future users were consulted throughout the process.
  • Optimization of space and energy use, as well as high-quality indoor air and safety, are integrated into one property management system. Conditions and energy efficiency are monitored automatically and all systems can be controlled from Caverion's remote control center.
  • Through Caverion's SmartView customer portal, the property's operations can be monitored in a real-time and transparent manner.
  • The property's facade is protected by an alarm system and any problems are alerted to Caverion's remote control center.
  • The Nummikeskus project was implemented using a lifecycle model implemented in cooperation with Caverion and YIT.
  • Caverion was responsible for the implementation of the building technology for the wellness center, which included the implementation of the project and the building technology design planning. The total delivery of building services included heating, water and sewers, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration and electrification, information and communication technology, and security and automation systems.
  • Construction began in 2016 and the building was completed in the summer of 2018. The life cycle model has a liability period of 20 years.
  • The nummikeskus has facilities for about 900 primary school students, about 100 staff, a library and a maternity clinic.

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