Electrical and automation solutions for Terrafame steam boiler plant


Cost reductions
through automation

the use of oil and gas


 We’ve found Caverion to be a reliable and good partner in previous projects. They deliver on their promises and their experts are always just a phone call away if we need them. 

Maintenance Specialist Janne Luhtaniemi, Adven

Renewable energy for battery chemicals plant

Terrafame Ltd is a Finnish multi-metal company, with a mine and a production plant in Sotkamo, Finland. The company’s main product is nickel-cobalt sulphate. In 2018 Terrafame invested in a battery chemicals plant which was built in the area and commissioned in 2021.

To provide an extra supply of energy in the area since the opening of the battery chemicals plant, a new woodchip-burning steam boiler plant was built. The 10-megawatt plant uses renewable fuel, produces steam and thermal energy for the industrial area, and reduces the need to use oil and gas in heat production.

Adven, the leading provider of energy and water solutions in the Nordics, has long collaborated with Terrafame on energy production and Adven also carried out the construction of the new power plant. As a long-time partner and subcontractor of Adven, Caverion designed and installed the boiler plant’s electrical, automation, and instrumentation systems.

Adven wanted a supplier who could provide all the necessary services from design to installation and commissioning without a long chain of subcontractors. Caverion provided the Terrafame boiler plant with electrical, automation, and instrumentation systems as a turnkey delivery. We also implemented the automation of the factory area’s district heating and steam grid, and automated the interconnected operation of the heat producers.

Optimal progress with a turnkey delivery

At Caverion, we have plenty of experience in boiler plant automation, including a good understanding of heating plant processes and adjustment technology. We can take the process designer’s functional description and make it work reliably in practice, as well as supplementing the functional description if necessary.

The following was included in the delivery:

  • electrical, automation, and instrumentation design
  • electrical and automation centres
  • reserve power generator and distribution system
  • process and building electrical installation
  • instrumentation installation
  • automation installation
  • automation system programming
  • telecommunication systems
  • commissioning

When the same contractor is in charge of the whole project from design to commissioning, delivery times and expenses remain reasonable. A turnkey delivery reduces the number of moving parts during the process and ensures that the focus remains on the big picture.

 After our last project together, Caverion has further developed the usability of their software which was a positive surprise. The UI has undergone some user-friendly improvements that make everyday operations easier. 

Maintenance Specialist Janne Luhtaniemi, Adven

Reliable functionalities and savings with automation

An automation system is an integral part of a modern, optimally functioning plant. Reliable automation is key to adjustability, usability, and work safety.

Automation also enables the utilisation rate to remain high, which in the case of the Terrafame plant means considerable CO2 reductions with less need for the oil-burning reserve boiler plant. In total, the yearly CO2 emissions in the Terrafame factory area are down by 9000 tons thanks to the new power plant and improved energy efficiency.

We will continue to offer expert support even after commissioning and we are at the client’s disposal in case of any adjustment or repair needs.

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