Expert Facility Management improves your building’s operations

The majority of a property’s costs and emissions incur during the operations phase. Keeping…

The majority of a property’s costs and emissions incur during the operations phase. Keeping operational costs to a minimum without sacrificing the building’s end-user experience is key to optimising the value of your property.


Maintain outstanding user experience

A well-functioning, human-centric environment with optimal indoor-climate and minimal energy consumption is what most building users look for. Your building’s operations also need to function uninterrupted at all times to ensure business continuity. From an owner’s perspective, you’ll want to avoid unexpected, costly repairs and lengthy delays in finding the right contact to fix any issues.

Develop and maintain the value of your buildings

Long-term planning and regular follow-ups of operations and maintenance we guarantees:

  • transparent and predictable costs
  • energy savings
  • minimal business interruptions and the quickest possible response times
  • optimal property value throughout the lifecycle
  • improved user satisfaction
  • expert guidance onsite and remotely.

Caverion is committing to these results in over 30,000 properties which we are currently operating in. Our experienced and dedicated facility managers take responsibility for maintaining and developing the value of your buildings through efficient operational management and systematic long-term planning. Project managers, procurement managers and sustainability experts can support the process to ensure comprehensive facility management.

Our experts handle all demanding facility management services such as Technical Maintenance for all building technologies, Tailored Upgrades and Modernisations, digital services and solutionsas well as smart technologies. Our energy experts will proactively provide recommendations on how to continuously improve the energy efficiency of your facilities. Thousands of properties are connected to our Remote Centres, which can handle over 90% of all building alarms remotely.

For other non-technical areas we hire professional expert subcontractors, but you’ll still enjoy the ease of having a single point of contact.

Our facility management service comes with complete and KPI-focused reporting, where we customise reporting to meet your needs.

Save energy in commercial and public buildings

Save energy in commercial and public buildings

Practical measures can facility managers or building owners take to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency, including recommended values for building technology immediately and in the long-term.

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