Marine Electrical Installations and maintenance for safety and efficiency on your ship

The marine environment places unique demands for safety and useability in all technologies. In…

The marine environment places unique demands for safety and useability in all technologies. In ships, space is also always limited – even in luxury cruisers and gigantic ice-breakers – so working in this environment requires special expertise


Ensure that your ship is safe, and your crew can work effectively

Proper electrical installations make the ship safer to operate and help the crew accomplish their daily tasks effectively. For that, all electrical equipment and wires need to be correctly designed, installed and maintained.

Caverion handles electrical installations in new ship builds as well as large scale modernization projects. Our preventive marine electrical maintenance greatly reduces the risk of equipment failure while on the seas as parts are maintained and replaced proactively.

Our employees are well versed in ships’ electrical systems; we have a long history of cooperation with owners, shipyards, shipbuilding companies, suppliers and other maritime players.

We feel right at home when working in a hectic environment that sets high standards in regards to health, environmental consciousness and operational reliability. All our installations are done according to international marine standards and approved safe practices.

Our marine electrical services

  • Electrical design & engineering
  • Turn-key deliveries for newbuilds and projects
  • Shore Power (AMP, S2S) solutions for ships and harbours
  • Energy optimizations for ships pumps and ventilation systems
  • Preventive maintenance & commissioning works.

We hold over 40 years of experience within the marine industry and have contributed to the building of more than 200 vessels. Get in touch and let us discuss how this expertise can be put into good use in your ship.


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