Smart pneumatic waste collection for clean streets and properties

Well working waste management is a service your building end users expect: one wants to smell and…

Well working waste management is a service your building end users expect: one wants to smell and see full waste containers. There is a smart and sustainable way of handling this.


Clean and invisible waste collection

Automatic pneumatic waste collection systems are based on pneumatic underground pipes, which dramatically reduce waste collection traffic in the streets of urban areas. With pneumatic waste collection, it is possible to create a clean, pleasant and efficient environment with improved user satisfaction for residential houses, offices, hospitals and airports, just name a few. The systems are invisible, odourless and easy to use. Additionally, as the systems are fully automated, the operating costs are lower compared to the conventional waste collection methods.

How do these systems work?

A waste collection system consists of inlets, transport pipes and a waste collection station.

  1. Users throw their waste into inlets. the inlets can be placed anywhere and are separated by waste type which allows effective recycling possibilities.
  2. The waste is transported through the underground pipe system to the waste collection station, where the waste containers, the vacuum-generating unit and the control centre are located.
  3. When a container is full, it is hauled away. Each waste type has a container of its own.

Professional waste collection system installations for your properties

With the help of a pneumatic waste collection system, your tenants can easily discard their waste and will no longer be bothered by inconvenient trash containers and odours.

We can help you with the whole process from applicability assessment to planning, installation and proper maintenance. The system can even be monitored and controlled from the Caverion Remote Centre.


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