Energy efficiency through building automation

In property development and modernisation, there are several criteria that influence decision-making, and energy efficiency and life cycle costs are two of them. A modern centralised automation system can be used to manage the energy efficiency of buildings and processes, to ensure the correct use of systems, to control environmental parameters—in short, to ‘run’ the building.

Benefits of an energy project

We offer energy projects to property owners who wish to improve their energy efficiency. An energy project may involve one or more buildings. We assess the savings potential, apply for investment allowances, make the property-specific investments and optimise the energy consumption in the buildings in question.

An investment made to achieve energy savings is always a good investment. In addition, energy projects improve the operational reliability of the technical systems in the buildings and increase the value of the property. Investment allowances can be granted for energy and ESCO projects.

Best way to save

We have carried out numerous energy projects for retail and other commercial properties. In many cases, the projects have helped customers to halve their consumption of energy. For industrial properties, automation system improvements and modernisation of technology will enhance operations. The projects bring about savings and improve operating conditions in production plants. 

Good maintenance can also bring savings in public buildings. Some of the savings can be achieved by modernising the technology. In our ESCO service, the savings achieved will pay for the investment made. We will give a savings guarantee for the project and, if required, we will also arrange funding for it. Smart automation systems in residential buildings help achieve high-quality housing and enhance living conditions.

Improved manageability

With a new centralised building automation system, one can have all the control functions on one display: ventilation machine and heat distribution timings, settings, control curves and alarms. The system can also be remote controlled. Subsystems can be driven through variable frequency drives on a per need basis. A centralised automation system can provide more accurate information about the indoor environmental conditions in the building.

Our offering

  • Project Execution for complete building automation system
  • Design & Engineering: Comprehensive planning management for building automation
  • Managed Life Cycle: Energy projects for renovation sites; either in customer’s existing Caverion automation control rooms or to replace the old system
  • Innovative solutions for new buildings


In large automation system renovation projects, we can offer energy projects to modernise components of building automation systems: HVAC, electricity, automation, cooling, etc. The project may also include a lighting overhaul or a ventilation system overhaul with heat recovery and the necessary controls.