Safer and smoother-flowing traffic with modern traffic control systems

We provide versatile traffic control and telematics systems for roads, tunnels and parking facilities. Our clients can get from us planning, implementation, deployment and programming on a turnkey basis or they can choose individual services to purchase. 

Our offering:

A well-designed and well-functioning traffic control system optimal for its intended purpose ensures a good flow of traffic, whether in a major road tunnel or in a parking garage. Thanks to our long experience, we can provide the best possible solution for each customer. 

Modern traffic control systems are based on advanced technology and telematics, which are used for controlling and monitoring vehicular traffic. Data is collected and can be utilised to allow quick and effective responses to various problems and incidents. The data is also used for road maintenance management, which reduces sudden maintenance needs and makes it easier to estimate costs. 

We have a lot of references and satisfied customers, served by our competent and reliable professionals. Thanks to continuous collaboration with partners and our own development efforts, we remain at the forefront in the design and implementation of modern traffic control systems.