Sustainable CO2 Refrigeration

Plugged into the building management system are our modern digital refrigeration automation solutions. The Caverion Huurre iTOP solution range is the most advanced intelligent steering system in the market for refrigeration and heat production. It offers smart systems that are more efficient, safer and use less energy. Smart technologies for heating and cooling can drastically reduce the energy consumption of a building. Instead of letting heat escape to the skies, a smart building will have excess energy capture. 

Refrigeration plays a massive role in the energy consumption of building types such as supermarkets and indoor ice rinks, accounting for up to 50% of the total energy use. 

Besides energy expenditure, refrigeration can also have a damaging impact on emission amounts. Sustainable refrigeration uses recycled CO2, as the refrigerant to limit the environmental impact. At the same time, the excess heat generated from refrigeration can be captured and used to heat the facility/site, fed back to the heat grid or used to heat the neighboring buildings.