The amount of electricity equipment and systems is increasing all the time. Our dependence on them has been growing remarkably.

Improvements to the performance and cost savings

A well-designed and professionally installed electricity system remarkably improves, for example, the property or industrial plant performance. With regular and competent maintenance it can be ensured that the systems are working, thereby prolonging their life cycle as well as saving energy.

Electricity solutions for different kind of buildings and industries

The electricity solutions include traditional electrical installations varying from low voltage to high voltage. Industrial electrification and reserve power like diesel engine based, UPS and CPS are also included. Illumination solutions are part of the electrical installation and the available technologies vary from universal illumination technology to specialised light controlling solutions. Illumination solutions are offered regardless of the purpose of use - we offer solutions from street lighting and other outdoor purposes to traditional indoor lighting.

Illumination technologies are developing rapidly and the purpose of use and type of premises are heavily affecting suitable illumination technology. It is important that you select the right illumination technology for the right purpose. Moreover, for end-users it is important that the colour and the brightness of the light are suitable for the intended use - and the lighting fixtures look good.

We take care of critical real estate and business related equipment's functionality on behalf of our clients even during power failures. We take responsibility on behalf of our clients regarding the implementation, operation, and maintenance of certified power distribution systems.

Authorities have defined certain criteria for these works to make sure that the quality of the work is at the professional level. Our employees have required licences and qualifications to fulfil these demands.

Control room and Call Centre works in close cooperation

Caverion's control room provides 24/7 centralised supervision and response to building system processes. The control room works in close cooperation with the Call Centre personnel who register the service requests from the customers. Together, these activities form Caverion's customer service centre which is available for contract customers on any day and at any time.