UPS systems ensure power to critical targets

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems are used in order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power to critical targets. A UPS system will provide a constant and steady supply of electricity for the devices served by it. If the UPS detects a problem with the main electrical supply, it instantly switches over to its battery backup system, minimising any problems to the end user.  

UPS systems are used in:

  • Data centres
  • Hospitals
  • Power plants
  • Industrial facilities
  • Network nodes, such as base stations
  • Corporate intranets

Extensive UPS expertise

We handle data centre projects and installations of UPS systems, batteries and cables with expertise. We collaborate with well-known system suppliers who are able to respond quickly and competently to clients' urgent maintenance needs. 

Our offering: 

  • Advisory services: selecting correct technology, (Expert and monitoring services for electrical installations)
  • Design and Engineering: technical design and implementation of UPS systems and power backup systems (link to the d&e main page)
  • Technical maintenance: e.g. maintenance of power supply systems, Daily inspection visits, Control room services, 24/7 breakdown service