Fire alarm specialty equipment 

Fire alarm specialty equipment is needed in premises in which conventional fire detectors are not the optimal solution. Such premises include cleanrooms, server rooms, tall premises and warehouses, for example.

Sampling systems

A smoke sensor based super-sensitive sampling detector combines the latest laser technology with digital signal processing. Using a tube system installed in the room the detector continuously draws samples from the room’s air and, based on scattering, analyses the smoke content of the air and responds on the basis of the analysis. Premises in which sampling systems are used:
  • Cleanrooms
  • Data centres
  • High rooms: warehouses, shopping centres, atria
  • Sports centres
  • Electrical equipment rooms

Fibre-optic system

A fibre-optic fire detection system uses temperature measurement by means of a fibre-optic cable. A programmable fibre-optic system can be used in places such as long tunnels and cable conduits where it is necessary to pinpoint the exact location of the fire.  The location of a fire in a cable conduit can be pinpointed at an accuracy of 20 cm, and, in a long tunnel, at an accuracy of 20 metres, for example. Different alarm levels and temperature thresholds can be programmed for the cable which may travel through different types of premises.

Digital linear heat detection cable

Digital linear heat detection cables are used in escalators and other conveyorslong corridors or other premises where it is not necessary to know the exact location of the fire. A digital linear heat detection cable is not programmable. The cable type is selected according to the alarm temperature (e.g. 66, 108, 175 C).

Flame detectors

Flame detectors are used to detect fires that produce flames. As a rule, flame detectors are used for the protection of challenging premises, such as those involving a risk of hydrocarbon-based fuel or gas fire. There are different types of flame detectors for detecting different types of fires, such as petrol, diesel fuel, kerosene, paraffin, paint, solvent and propane fires.

Optical beam smoke detectors

Optical beam smoke detectors are used in large open spaces, such as warehouses, galleries, archives, atria, etc. An optical beam smoke detector comprises a transmitter/controller unit and a reflector which reflects the infrared light beam from the transmitter. Smoke causes the optical signal to weaken, triggering a fire alarm. Alarm levels are programmable according to the physical conditions in the premises to be protected.

Equipment for EX premises

Our offering further includes heat, smoke, flame, optical beam, and sampling detectors for EX premises.

Our offering: