LuxCool combines building systems in offices

LuxCool revolutionises old notions of how building systems should be implemented. LuxCool is a building element which bundles together building systems needed in an office building. It provides a compact and cost-efficient solution.

For renovation

LuxCool is an excellent choice both in new buildings and for renovation projects. Thanks to the integrated building automation element containing all the necessary systems, alterations, such as adding new partition walls, are easy.

For contractors

Integration of the building systems in one element shifts a large part of the work away from the site, in prefabrication. This saves time and improves the quality of the overall solution. It also reduces the need for alteration work. The LuxCool building elements are delivered ready to install and plug in.

For end users

In addition to being cost-efficient, having advanced control systems and including the necessary power and data cables, LuxCool conserves space as no separate radiators are required. LuxCool is delivered in the colour of client’s choice. The standard colour is white (RAL 9010).

Integrated functions of LuxCool building element


Lighting is an important standard function in LuxCool. It is implemented as an energy-efficient LED solution.


With LuxCool it’s possible to provide a suitable and uniform ventilation in all types of rooms. The air flow speed and air circulation rate are chosen so that people working in the rooms will not sense any draughts.


In the hot months, LuxCool will cool the rooms efficiently and silently, without draughts, keeping the temperature steady at the target value.


LuxCool keeps the room temperature within the specified limits round the year. In the cold months, LuxCool’s automatic and reliable heating function ensures that the rooms will be warm and comfortable.


Electric cables are brought down from the LuxCool element to the desks using neat, adaptable cable elements. It is also possible to have electric outlets installed in the LuxCool elements.

Communications cables

Communications cables for computers are brought down to the desks together with the electric cables.

Automatic control

An automatic control system integrated in the LuxCool element maintains the temperature and other parameters according to the individual settings made to the specific area. The parameters can be monitored in a centralised manner at a building automation system control centre. Presence data can be used for analysing the utilisation rate of the premises or the amount of electricity consumed by office lighting.

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