Building management systems and automation enable intelligent control of your property

The amount and diversity of technical systems, equipment and sensors in buildings and industrial…

The amount and diversity of technical systems, equipment and sensors in buildings and industrial facilities is constantly increasing. If the systems are not controlled as one entity, conditions, end-user satisfaction and energy efficiency suffer. This results typically from contradictions between systems where, for example, a property is simultaneously being heated and cooled.


Make your building smart with up-to-date building automation

A building automation accounts for approximately 1% of the total building phase cost. The small investment makes a large impact on the management of property's conditions,energy-efficiency and end user satisfaction. Professionally designed, implemented and maintained, automation helps maintain and improve the value of your property during the entire lifecycle.

The automation solution should be evaluated on a regular basis. In any modernisation or renovation, for example, you should check whether the automation meets the current requirements for usability, energy efficiency and information security.

Legislation regarding building management and automation is also changing.The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) sets new requirements on the installation of building automation and control systems in all non-residential buildings with heating or combined heating and ventilation systems with an effective rated output of over 290 kW.

Safe and healthy conditions with intelligent control

A building automation controls all building solutions from one user interface.

Automation is the brain that controls and regulates all the conditions for the benefit of the building users. The data collected from the property can be analysed to optimize energy resources, conditions and maintenance as well to improve the user experience.

Discover the optimal building automation system for your property

Our building management system experts will support you in finding a solution that best fits to your building or industrial facility and your current systems.We can implement and integrate all other building technologies as well - on time and on budget. We can also take care of the maintenance throughout the lifecycle.

Our open, system independent solutions support common communication protocols, such as BACnet, MODBUS, M-Bus, DALI, KNX, LON, and open communication interfaces, such as RESTful API ja MQTT.

Increase the performance of your building with Caverion Building Management System (BMS)

A building management system integrates all the functionalities of your building into a single, easily controllable system: spaces, conditions, safety, environment, maintenance and costs. It removes irrelevant, overlapping activities and makes your property smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.The BMS also acts as the link between the smart building and the surrounding city.


Smart Building Ecosystem – Our approach to making your property smart

Smart Building Ecosystem – Our approach to making your property smart

See how your property is performing in one easy-to-use portal

Caverion SmartView is a platform that collects all the information you need to manage your facilities into one system. You have a real-time view of the performance of your property 24/7.

Improve your production processes with industrial automation

Industrial automation is part of digitalization and ensures production efficiency and economic operation. It is the foundation of a well-functioning industrial process. Automation generates a huge amount of data which can be utilized in analyzing and improving an industrial process. Read more about our digital solutions for industrial processes.

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