ServiFlex brings efficiency and transparency to your property’s technical maintenance


As a property owner or operator, you need to be on top of large amounts of documentation, ensuring that all service and maintenance orders are completed and documented for regulators. At the same time, you need to look after the facility’s value and safety with sensible operations and maintenance.

With a variety of building technologies in a property, this can be overwhelmingly time-consuming. That is where ServiFlex comes in.

Ensure smooth operations and simplify documentation with ServiFlex

ServiFlex helps you to simplify the management of your facility’s technical equipment maintenance, reduces the need to communicate with different suppliers and makes your maintenance predictable and cost-efficient. At the same time, all the necessary service and building technology documentation is kept in check.
ServiFlex is a modular service concept that is customised to the needs of your property. You can use it to maintain a single system or a complete technical infrastructure of one or several properties – ServiFlex fits all scenarios.

Efficient service that scales to meet your changing needs

Getting started with ServiFlex is fast. We review your requirements, prepare the modular agreement and at the end of the meeting you receive a complete offer. The agreement can be scaled up at any time to add more systems, more sites or different services, such as statutory services, repairs etc.

A ServiFlex contract gives you:

  • 100% guaranteed coverage for all statutory services
  • Predictable costs for technical maintenance 
  • Reduced downtimes and unnecessary service visits with preventive maintenance
  • One contact point for all your inquiries – one contact, one contract
  • Access to documentation and service calendar in the Caverion SmartView customer portal

Smart service and better buildings with ServiFlex

Do not waste time juggling several different suppliers, guessing your maintenance budget and checking multiple folders for your documentation. Sign up for ServiFlex – the smart service that makes your buildings better.

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