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Our goal was to reduce energy consumption by 7% and water consumption in residential buildings by 10% by the year 2020. The results and direction of the first year of energy management were encouraging. The recognised energy savings potential was almost 17.5 GWh, and it exceeded the set goals by over 60%. According to calculations, the realised savings in the first year were approximately 6.5 GWh.
Petri Suutarinen, Property Manager at Keva

Keva is Finland’s largest pension provider and it administers the pensions of local government, State, Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Kela employees. Keva serves a total of 1.2 million public sector employees and pensioners. Keva is responsible for funding the pensions of local government employees and for investing their pension funds.

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Keva wanted a highly competent partner for its properties that can support it to develop the energy management of its real estate companies. The desire was that an experienced, long-term partner would be able to support Keva's environmental strategy, help achieving energy efficiency goals, and provide energy management services.

Keva's investment properties are committed to the new Energy Efficiency Agreement, which sets targets for improving the efficiency of energy use by 2025. Keva's goals are to reduce water consumption in residential buildings by 10% and energy consumption in Keva's properties by 7% by the year 2020. In addition to these goals, the Energy Efficiency Act that entered into force in 2015 obliges large enterprises to continuously develop energy efficiency.


During the first year, Keva saved over EUR 550,000 by reducing the energy and water consumption of its properties with thorough remote monitoring and new equipment. Energy efficiency has been improved with constant energy monitoring, energy survey for all properties, and efficient remote monitoring of building automation. Caverion remote connection and monitoring is used in over 40 properties, and some are using the 24/7 Remote Centre and HelpDesk. These services simplify the predictive maintenance of properties and communicating with building users.

To support energy efficiency and maintenance, as many properties as possible are equipped with a secure remote user interface. Energy efficiency is continuously developed in Keva's properties. At the start of 2018, a water saving project was completed in rental homes, in which the water supply points of all buildings were inspected and their water flow rate was adjusted.

EUR 550,000 during the first year

Energy and Remote Services for 110 properties