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How could the operation of a complex production plant be described as simply as possible? By…

How could the operation of a complex production plant be described as simply as possible? By creating a digital twin: a virtual 3D world, where the environment and operation of the facility can be easily described.

Caverion Smart Mill is a digital 3D version of the production facility that can be accessed anywhere. The solution saves time, money, and effort by bringing a virtual production environment directly to your device.

Digital twin brings insight to the production environment

Caverion Smart Mill is a digital twin of your production environment. It is an unparalleled tool for ensuring everyone is on the same page during safety briefings, inspections for guests and contractors, and the planning of the day-to-day operations of your organization.

Caverion Smart Mill is also an excellent platform for publishing data model-based factory models. The 3D model makes it easy to highlight the impact of future investments on the current operating environment.

Caverion Smart Mill can be accessed on any device via a web browser. With the help of the service, it’s easy to utilize captured data from the production plant in your day-to-day operations. The 3D environment matches reality exactly. You can move around the environment seamlessly and take measurements and notes – just like during on-site inspections. 

Key features:

  • Different materials, such as mapped textured surface models and design data, can be combined into the same model
  • Saved views make navigation easier
  • Adding new data in versatile, location-based ways
  • Measuring tools enable measurement without an on-site visit
  • Ability to customize functionalities, such as a drawing tool.


Caverion Smart Mill is based on high-quality mapping

Our industrial design expertise ensures that the mapping for the digital twin is carried out appropriately. We invest in ensuring that the high-quality material produced can be utilized in a variety of ways, so you get the most out of it.

Reaching a consensus is easy with Caverion Smart Mill software. By streamlining the problem-solving and decision-making processes, you will see significant savings. Contact us and we will tell you more.


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