Advisory Services

Improved performance for sustainable results

A great deal of demands are being made on the built environment by real estate owners, by occupants and by authorities. For example, there is an increasing interest in minimising the life cycle cost of buildings and industrial processes. 

In addition, clients are looking for ways to increase their use of renewable energy or improve their overall property strategy. Also, governments are eager to address the increasing concerns brought about by climate change.

We offer Advisory Services in the areas of:

  • Technical Advice (crucial support to Design & Engineering services in projects)
  • Energy Advice (applicable to all of Caverion’s six service areas
  • Business Advice (mostly involved in comprehensive Managed Services cases)

In these areas we advise our clients in: 

  • managing risk
  • improving performance
  • optimising operations
  • sustaining solid results 

These specifically designed services, support clients in achieving their goals, like: 

  • guaranteeing energy efficiency
  • generating cost savings
  • complying with the legislation.

Based on Caverion’s technological competences and comprehensive services, our experts develop sustainable findings, conclusions and recommendations for clients to consider in their decision making. With effective advice and planning as well as sustainable life cycle solutions we assist businesses in reaching their economic and environmental targets.