Design & Build and BIM

Smooth and efficient design for entire life cycles

Caverion’s customers – ranging from the public sector to industries, real estate owners and users as well as general contractors – are looking for smart building and industrial solutions designed for the future

These solutions must incorporate the needs of:

  • growing digitalisation
  • energy-smartness
  • streamlining of workflows
  • continuous cost and quality control 
  • safe and healthy conditions for all users

With our Design & Build services we ensure focus on sustainable solutions that generate energy savings, and provide comfortable working and living environments.

Our Design & Build services are available in three main areas: 

  1. Conceptual Design
  2. Basic Design
  3. Detailed Design

These services provide critical input to Technical Installations, Project Management and Advisory Services.

Design management is carried out throughout the design process and involves the coordination, analysis and testing of the design, including management of the stakeholders involved. 

Benefits of design management for clients include:

  • optimal design
  • value for money
  • buildability

With this we reduce our customers' business risk by:

  • managing the fulfilment of  regulations
  • supporting project execution in a uniform and coherent manner

Throughout the lifecycle of the property or industrial plant, our in-house and local experts help customers to: 

  • optimise their technical systems, functionalities and operations
  • manage risk
  • improve performance, and sustain the results

We support you from concept planning to project execution

Our project design professionals, with expertise in all technical disciplines and a variety of industry segments, are available for customers at every stage from concept planning to project execution.

We can significantly reduce project-related risks when we are involved in the planning and design from the very beginning. 

Fewer customer interfaces ensures:

  • higher quality
  • improved efficiency in the final project delivery
  • smooth communications throughout the project 
  • minimisation of the need for re-planning in later project phases

Caverion can conduct the planning of the design and the whole installation process effectively by utilising Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Furthermore, we are able to offer customised concepts based on each client’s specific needs. In addition, we can take the role of system integrator also for large-scale or highly sophisticated projects.