Caverion offers ServiFlex+ for a single or multiple technical systems. We create the condition-based maintenance agreement together with a client from a selection of more than 100 modular services for ease and efficiency. The ServiFlex+ covers one or more technical disciplines.

  • Our solutions are based on experience from similar facilities in 12 countries
  • Highly skilled personnel and knowledge 
  • Traditional service combined with digitalisation 
  • All contacts with authorities and fulfilment of all regulations are taken care of
  • Detailed documentation secures the value of the building
  • One single contact point

ServiFlex+ enables facility owners to have a complete planned preventive maintenance package, which at its widest form covers statutory services, planned services, consumable materials and repairs.

All agreements can be included with remote monitoring, known as Caverion Condition Control. It combines wireless sensors and receivers remotely monitoring and making conclusions on the current state of the building. There is no need to change the building’s existing technology. 

Installing Caverion Condition Control takes less than three hours, so this is also quick and easy.

With Caverion’s new ServiFlex+ you can avoid surprises like extra costs and unnecessary repairs. ServiFlex+ ensures that the building’s technology is functioning optimally at all times.

Find out already today how you can take your technical maintenance to the next level