IoT and AI-based Solutions for preventive industrial maintenance unforeseen 

From sudden failures to planned repairs 

We took industrial operation and maintenance into the future with machine learning analytics and IoT solutions. By combining the solutions developed by us - IoTFlex smart sensors and MP INtelligence artificial intelligence-based analytics - you get a unique, accurate view of the plant's processes.

Digitalization, IoT and AI radically enable real-time predictive maintenance and process optimization for companies of all sizes and industries.

Combination of technology and our leading-edge industrial process experience differentiates us from pure technology vendors. We run operation and maintenance activities for our clients. We know what works in real life – and what doesn’t.

IoTFlex – smart sensors for measuring actual condition 24/7 

Caverion’s IoTFlex uses smart sensors to measure the actual condition of machines and employs real-time analytics to predict the occurrence of possible faults.

IoTFlex has a new kind of failure prediction method that enables the easy adjustment of the failure prediction based on the running method of the machine. The system adapts easily to a range of measurement needs, such as air particle measurements, vibrations, trace heating, and condition measurements and oil analyses for electric motors.

The IoTFlex service concept contains:

  • Smart sensors
  • A remote management device with mobile interface
  • Analytics through a measurement and analysis application developed by Caverion
  • The special expertise of Caverion’s experts

MP INtelligence Anomaly Detection to identify issues in industrial processes

Our analytics service, based on advanced machine intelligence, identifies disruptions that threaten industrial processes in advance. It helps secure production and minimize unavailability costs by generating warnings of process deviations in real time. Machine-learning algorithms are designed to process large amounts of data so that we can handle thousands of measurement points even at millisecond level.

MP INtelligence can operate on the basis of the plant's own measurement data if there are enough measurement points. Often, however, additional sensing with the IoTFlex solution produces the most accurate result.

The most important qualities are

  • real-time collection and analysis of thousands of measurement points
  • automatic correlation and modeling of process data parameters
  • Early detection of anomalies indicating imminent equipment failures and process failures
  • detection of new types of disturbances as they occur for the first time
  • browser-based interface for browsing data and handling alerts


  • Typically eliminates 30-80% of unexpected downtime and production interruptions
  • Streamlines maintenance by directing actions to pre-scheduled maintenance times
  • Maximizes the life cycle of the plant and equipment when work is done before failure
  • Fast deployment and low deployment costs, short payback period
  • Asecure, scalable and well-established solution

MP INtelligence to optimize processes 

An advanced AI-based solution for process optimization.