We work together with our approximately 15,000 service and project professionals to make Caverion a success. Our people work according to our purpose – enabling performance and people’s wellbeing in smart and sustainable built environments. We also continue to build on our capabilities towards becoming a forerunner in smart technologies, in particular, providing excellent customer and employee experiences.

Our customers appreciate Caverion’s service mindset, as well as our ability to respond quickly and solve the challenges of our customers in an efficient way. Our people are the interface to our customers in everything we do, which makes it important to offer a working environment for our employees in which they can perform at their highest potential at every level and provide an excellent service experience to our customers.

To make sure this happens, we have introduced key principles in terms of people management as well as guidance on safety, reward, leadership and many other important people practices. All of Caverion’s activities are compliant and guided by ethical principles.

Developing the best workplace

The personnel’s rights and responsibilities include the right to a safe and healthy working environment, wellbeing as well as the prohibition of any kind of discrimination. We value a diverse workforce and want to enable the same opportunities for all.

We have announced our sustainability targets in 2020, and one specific target is to develop our ways of working and our working environment in order to increase the number of female employees across Caverion. The business environment continues to evolve. Megatrends, the world economy and an increasing focus on sustainability have a big impact on our business and working conditions.

We continued working on our strategic people focus areas:

  • Top performance at every level
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Right people in the right places
  • Professional growth


Caverion culture

We are enhancing a shared Caverion culture and laying solid foundation to becoming the best workplace in a variety of ways. In 2021 the aim is to embed the Building Performance culture as a part of our daily work and into our core processes, enabling all our employees to see and feel it every day.

Developing leadership skills

Our leaders play a significant role in creating an excellent employee experience and creating success. It is very important to be clear about the role and responsibilities of a manager and for the manager to be clear about their own goals to ensure the success of the team.


Throughout Caverion, leaders are offered various types of leadership development trainings, mentoring programs, as well as workshops on team development and feedback. We have focused on implementing a common leadership training for all new managers in Caverion to ensure their success in their new roles.

In addition, we organise several other local leadership trainings in all our countries during the year. Caverion encourages its employees to pursue professional growth, and supports them in learning and developing their skills further.  

Respecting human rights

In accordance with Caverion’s Code of Conduct, Caverion does not allow any kind of discrimination related to age, gender, nationality, social status, religion, physical or mental disability, political or other opinions, sexual orientation, or any other factor.

Caverion’s Code of Conduct also actively guides us towards improved equality and promotes gender equality and diversity. Caverion applies a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment, or any unlawful action.




Caverion has a company-wide Reward Strategy, which is designed to support our intention of having top performance at every level within the guiding principle of Pay for Performance. The key reward principles and practices are described in Caverion’s Reward Guidelines, which are available to all our employees.

Caverion’s reward structure has different elements. The base salary is based on job responsibilities, individual performance and competences as well as a local market benchmark. Short-term incentives reward the achievement of clearly pre-defined and measurable key strategy-based targets, promoting the annual performance, continuous improvement and collaboration. Management and most of the salaried employees are included in a performance-based Group Short-term Incentive, Project Incentive or Service Incentive plan.

Performance and development discussions, including target setting and target achievement reviews, are an integral part of our management system, and promote the implementation of the strategy and achievement of the key targets.

Through this process, all our employees gain an understanding of how they can contribute to Caverion’s success, what is expected from them, and how they can develop their competences and performance.