We work together with our approximately 15,000 service and project professionals to make Caverion a success. Our people work according to our purpose – enabling performance and people’s wellbeing in smart and sustainable built environments. In 2023, we continued to build our capabilities in becoming a leading service company and selective master of projects as well as being a forerunner especially in digital solutions and smart technologies. To achieve these ambitious business targets, we want to become the most attractive employer in our industry both for our current employees as well as our potential future employees.

Our customers appreciate Caverion’s service mindset, as well as our ability to respond quickly and solve the challenges of our customers in an efficient way

To make sure this happens, we have introduced key principles in terms of people management as well as guidance on safety, reward, leadership and many other important people practices. All of Caverion’s activities are compliant and guided by ethical principles.

Personnel at year end

Developing the best workplace

The personnel’s rights and responsibilities include the right to a safe and healthy working environment, wellbeing as well as the prohibition of any kind of discrimination. We value a diverse workforce and want to enable the same opportunities for all.

At Caverion we believe that personal health and wellbeing are fundamental for a balanced life in and outside of work. This includes providing high standards of safety and engaging with employees to enable a flexible, supportive working environment in which all can thrive. We have a strong focus on continuous improvement - also in terms of our safety performance.

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Building Performance culture

We provide our people a safe and sustainable workplace with diversity, equity, and inclusion, supported by training and processes. Social sustainability and people aspects are at the heart of Caverion. One of our targets defined in our Sustainable Growth strategy is to be the most attractive employer in the industry. We empower our Building Performance culture through our values: we deliver what we promise, we do it together, and we explore and improve.

Developing competencies

We provide continuous training and development opportunities to strengthen our business capabilities and enable our employees’ professional growth. The professional, technical and safety trainings are important in supporting our business and they form the majority of our training offering. In 2023, the competence development efforts focused especially on safety, service performance management, project management, technical skills and sales capabilities.

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Respecting human rights

Our strong commitment to ethical business practices forms the basis for responsible business conduct. In accordance with our Code of Conduct, we encourage an open and collaborative atmosphere at work. A zero-tolerance approach is applied to discrimination, harassment or any unlawful act.

We support and respect the internationally proclaimed and safeguarded human rights including the following:

  • We support equal opportunities for our employees and in our recruitment practices.
  • Our employees have the freedom of association, including the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of their interests and the right to conduct collective bargaining.
  • In accordance with our Code of Conduct, we are a responsible and fair employer and do not permit any kind of discrimination related to age, gender, nationality, social status, religion, physical or mental disability, political or other opinions, sexual orientation or any other factor.
  • We do not permit child labour or any form of forced or compulsory labour or human trafficking/modern slavery
  • We do not permit any kind of harassment or bullying at the workplace.

We care about creating an inclusive work environment for all. Therefore, our Code of Conduct also provides active guidance towards improved equity and promotes gender equality and diversity in all aspects, as described above.

Aspects related to human rights are included in the company-wide Code of Conduct eLearning. In 2023, the eLearning was rolled out to all employees with a completion rate 97%.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We respect people as individuals, embrace difference and foster inclusion. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are high priorities for us and therefore the work to enhance these topics is an integral part of our target to create a Building Performance culture and to become the most attractive employer in our industry. To us, diversity and inclusiveness are critical elements in creating value for our customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders.

We believe that through a diverse and inclusive work environment we will be able to be an attractive employer and to further enhance our performance. It is important for us that all our employees feel included and valued. In 2023, our employee engagement survey inclusion score (79%) was one of our strengths, which shows that we are in a good position. We focused on raising diversity, equity and inclusion awareness through our DEI program for the management, where we invested in leadership through eLearning and facilitated discussion events.




We have a company-wide reward strategy, which is designed to support our intention of having top performance at every level within the guiding principle of Pay for Performance. The key reward principles, reward elements and practices are described in our Reward Guidelines, which are available to all our employees in local languages. We treat our people in a fair and consistent manner and aim for a clear communication of reward. All reward related decisions must be approved at least by the manager’s manager and reviewed by HR to comply with our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Caverion’s reward structure has different elements. The base salary is based on job responsibilities, individual performance and competences as well as a local market benchmark. Short-term incentives reward the achievement of clearly pre-defined and measurable key strategy-based targets, promoting the annual performance, continuous improvement and collaboration. Management and most of the salaried employees are included in a performance-based Group Short-term Incentive, Project Incentive or Service Incentive plan.

Through this process, all our employees gain an understanding of how they can contribute to Caverion’s success, what is expected from them, and how they can develop their competences and performance.