Our people

Caverion service technicians at work

Caverion’s business success is made through our approximately 16,000 services and projects professionals in eleven countries across Europe. Our people are the interface to our customers in everything we do, and hence it is important to offer a working environment for our employees which enables them to perform at their highest potential at every level, and to provide excellent service to our customers.

Developing the best workplace

Caverion people make all the difference as business environments continue to evolve. The megatrends, world economy, and increasing focus on sustainability have a big impact on our business and working conditions. We have continued to work on our strategic focus areas:

  • Top performance at every level
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Right people in the right places
  • Professional growth.

Developing culture and competences

The Caverion culture

Strengthening our common Caverion culture helps create the foundation for the best workplace in many ways. We aim to better understand and strengthen our current best practices, as well as identify areas to develop and improve our ways of working. We continue our journey by defining the key drivers for Caverion culture, and how to live it in our daily lives.

Developing leadership skills

Throughout Caverion, leaders are offered various types of leadership development trainings, mentoring programs, as well as workshops on team development and feedback. We have focused on implementing a common leadership training for all new managers in Caverion to ensure their success in their new roles.

Respecting human rights

In accordance with Caverion’s Code of Conduct, Caverion does not allow any kind of discrimination related to age, gender, nationality, social status, religion, physical or mental disability, political or other opinions, sexual orientation, or any other factor. Caverion’s Code of Conduct also actively guides us towards improved equality and promotes gender equality and diversity. Caverion applies a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment, or any unlawful action.


The base salary at Caverion is based on job responsibilities, requirements and experience as well as local market benchmarks. Management and most of the salaried employees are included in a performance-based Group short-term incentive, project incentive or service incentive plan. Performance and development discussions, including target setting and results review, as well as continuous feedback, are an integral part of our management system and drive the strategy implementation and achievement of the key targets.