eMobility for Real Estate Owners

Providing electric vehicle (EV) charging is a hot topic for building owners and facility managers. Responding to the needs of occupants as well as the impact of the EV charging on the building's energy management and technology are important for building owners and occupants alike. 


Electric Vehicle Charging Services in Commercial Buildings

eMobility services benefit you by attracting tenants and customers, promoting sustainability, complying with regulations, and future-proofing the building.

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, providing EV charging facilities is an attractive feature for your tenants and customers, or visitors who own electric vehicles.

Offering charging services can help to differentiate your building and can increase the likelihood of tenants or customers choosing to use your facility.

By providing EV charging services, you can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation. This can enhance the building's image and reputation as an environmentally responsible facility.

As electric vehicles become more popular, providing charging facilities can help to future-proof your building, as well as integrate eMobility solutions with modern building and energy management technologies.

This can help to ensure that your building remains competitive and relevant as electric vehicle adoption increases.

The European Union has set included eMobility as part of directives related to the EPBD (Energy Perfomance of Bulidings Directive).

Even in non-EU countries, governments are requiring new or existing buildings to provide EV charging facilities as part of their regulatory compliance. Complying with these regulations can help you avoid potential fines or penalties. 

User-friendly eMobility services add value to your building and its occupants

Above all, tenants are looking for reliable electric vehicle charging solutions, and you need them to fit nicely into your overall building management.

This relates to energy consumption, smooth and easy access to parking for tenants and/or visitors, and the overall strategy to lower your building's CO2 emissions and meet your sustainability targets. We are trusted to provide you with these services in the best way to benefit your building and business. 


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