Parking guidance shows the free parking spaces in the parking garage

A modern parking guidance system will reduce unnecessary driving in a parking garage. Users will find an empty parking space quickly and car jams will also be reduced. Customers are able to go shopping or get to work faster.

Along with the parking guidance system, the parking garage will also get a modern look. Motorists will prefer a commercial or office space that uses the parking guidance system because they know that it will speed up the operation. A reporting tool helps to discover history information about the parking spaces, such as the most popular spaces, and the information can be used for marketing purposes, among other things. 

Parking spaces can be reserved from the parking garage and thus ensure free spaces, for example, for known visitors or users.

In the parking guidance system, ultrasonic sensors with LED lights will be mounted in the lighting suspension rail above the parking spaces that indicate with red and green colours if the parking space is taken or free. The parking spaces for the disabled have their own colour. Parking garage signs to be installed inside the parking garage will show the number of free spaces in different areas of the garage and guide motorists to the correct areas.

Exterior parking garage signs will show the number of free spaces in the entire parking garage or on different floors of the parking garage.

From the browser-based user interface, the user will see on a location-specific basis whether the parking space is free or taken. The user interface also allows reserving parking spaces and printing history information, such as, for how long the space has been taken. It is also possible to receive an alert from the user interface if the permitted parking time is exceeded. Also abuses, such as using a parking space as a commuter parking space or as a car park during vacation time, will be reduced.

The parking guidance system will be integrated in Caverion’s building automation system.
Therefore, the space information given by the system can be utilised, for example, in ventilation and lighting control.

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