Swift and right actions prevent additional damage

Our secondary damage prevention service covers the repairs necessitated by fires, flooding and other disruptions in our clients’ plants and processes and associated support systems. Swift and right actions prevent additional damage and minimise the production downtime caused by the disruption. 

Please contact us without delay in case of: 

  • factory fire
  • cable fire
  • flooding

Fire damage restoration

We offer comprehensive fire damage restoration service to repair damage caused by disruptions such as factory fires, electrical distribution plant fires, cable fires etc. We start work immediately, prevent secondary damage, examine the degree of damage and commence demolition work. We repair buildings, pipes, tanks and all technical systems with expertise and competence. 

We have extensive technical competence, close contacts with suppliers and a network of partners to complement our services.

Our offering

  • Advisory services: Structural analyses
  • Project Execution: Installations related to air-conditioning, electrical systems and instrumentation
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Prevention and confinement
  • Measures during and after a fire
  • Damage assessment
  • Clearing-up and restoration of movables
  • Technical Maintenance: Repairs of buildings, machinery, pipes and equipment
  • Projection services
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Inspections and tests according to standards