Heating & Sanitation

Caverion offers heating, wastewater, and water solutions for buildings and industries, projects, and services.

Our offering

Our offer covers heating solutions, including traditional district heating, combustion plants, boilers, and more advanced renewable energy based heating solutions, e.g. heating pumps.

We also offer sanitation solutions including traditional plumping, sewerage, and water treatment solutions. Rainwater utilization and advanced sewerage treatment solutions are also offered.

Optimized, production efficient and environmentally friendly systems and solutions

We are independent of any material suppliers of trade works and, therefore, we are able to help our clients to select the optimized, production efficient, and environmentally friendly systems and solutions. Authorities have defined certain criteria for these works in order to ensure that the quality of the work is at the professional level. Our employees have the required licenses and qualifications to fulfil these demands.

Control room and Call Centre works in close cooperation

Properties can be monitored and operated remotely. Caverion's control room provides 24/7 centralized supervision and response to building system processes. The control room is run by highly skilled engineers who can either monitor the functions of the building systems or even remotely test and adjust the processes in malfunction situations.

The control room works in close cooperation with Call Centre personnel who register the service requests from the customers. Together, these activities form Caverion's customer service centre which is available for contract customers on any day and at any time.