Other scalable digital services to develop and optimise industrial maintenance

Our digital services for maintenance enable you to optimize your investments and maintenance activities to where is counts most.

Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA)

Data-driven simulation enables focusing maintenance activities and investments to most critical assets. Simulation with a specifically developed software enables numerical and visual investigation of asset criticality and impact to production. Data is collected from CMMS/MES systems and key personnel is interviewed to get criticality classification on system level. The report will be ready within 2-4 weeks from access to data.

Maintenance Quality Report (MQR)

Structured review of maintenance system and the quality of data provides a comprehensive view of the maintenance operations, their planning and impact. Contains improvement suggestions to repair identified deficiencies. Data is collected from the CMMS system (asset hierarchy, scheduled maintenance, fault history, etc.). The report will be ready within 2-4 weeks from access to data.

Dynamic Preventive Maintenance Program (DPM)

Every production facility is unique – a set of processes of which some are more prone to failures than others, or more critical for the production. DPM is a program that ensures your preventive maintenance program has been optimized in accordance with the plant’s performance targets. Maintenance resources can be allocated to the most critical objects without delay.

DPM program includes the following phases:

  1. Standardization of the asset hierarchy* - includes defining the standard model and adding missing data
  2. Asset criticality classification* - developing a process model and agreeing on key parameters for simulation
  3. Review and development of preventive maintenance program
  4. Continuous monitoring and development

    *) using specifically developed simulation tools