Measurement services for the demanding needs of industry

For industrial plants, measurement and mapping needs occur in many different situations. In addition…

For industrial plants, measurement and mapping needs occur in many different situations. In addition to laser scanning and drone surveys, measurement services are utilized in the creation of factory coordinate systems and fixed point networks, the installation markings of downtimes and project installations, the alignment of equipment and axes, and the accurate measurements of infrastructure.

Professionally implemented measurement services ensure the smooth operation of annual maintenance outages and project installations.

Expert measurement services produce mutually compatible data

The same production environment may require several different types of measurements. With the help of the factory coordinate system and the fixed point network, we can link all measurement and mapping data, such as point clouds and surface models, to a common coordinate system. The materials are compatible with each other which expands their usability.

For example, installation markings and alignments require extreme accuracy in measurement. In these situations, we use total station measurement. The determination and marking of the locations of outdoor objects, such as measurements of infrared objects, are carried out by GNSS satellite measurement.

Coordinate systems are created with both GNSS and total station measurements. The measurements create known fixed points in the factory area and targets, the locations of which are precisely determined. This allows us to easily fix all measurements and mappings in the factory area to the factory coordinate system.

Our industrial design expertise ensures that measurements are carried out in a way that serves your needs. Contact us and we will tell you more about how our services can make your work easier.

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