Many measures at the same time provide better energy performance and more time for operations


157 msek - 105.000 m2 - 66 buildings

Guaranteed savings and a green loan finances the project

Energy performance, lower maintenance debt, less climate impact

 Erik Hedlund, Municipal Manager, Nordanstigs Municipality

  •  We want the municipal funds to be used in a way that feels good to the citizens.
  •  We take our properties into the future and work towards future expectations of how a property should be managed.


Customer Needs

  • Like many other municipalities, Nordanstig has a challenge with an older property portfolio and limited resources.
  • Agenda 2030 has been adopted by the municipal board and the work to reduce the municipality's climate impact is in full swing.
  • Great need to renovate, modernize and give the municipality's various community properties such as schools, preschools, swimming pools and apartment buildings a technical boost as an energy performance agreement EnPC 2030 can be implemented with one single procurement.


  • The project is about reducing the municipality's operating costs, for example for heating and energy, without affecting the working environment in the premises.
  • Measures can be new ventilation units and new lighting that provide a good indoor environment. Optimized heating systems provide an even temperature and newly installed solar cells produce green electricity.

About 9.500 people live in Nordanstig, Bergsjö is the central town. Nordanstig is located in Hälsingland north of Hudiksvall and south of Sundsvall.


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