Continuous development is key to long-term partnership with Yara Kokkola




Continuous development
of operations



 Caverion offers a uniquely wide range of services in the Kokkola Industrial Park. They have a presence in the industrial park and know what solutions work in our specific operating environment. 

Tomi Asiala, Maintenance Manager, Yara


  • Yara wanted a reliable property and industrial maintenance partnership with a local operator who is familiar with the operating environment in Kokkola and can offer a wide range of repair, installation and design services.
  • Refurbishing the Mannheim furnaces at the potassium sulphate plant are the plant’s most significant cost item and something that significantly limits production. Reducing repair times and streamlining the repair work was an important goal for Yara.


  • We offer Yara a wide range of construction and property management services, such as HVAC and building automation services.
  • Thanks to our long-term partnership, we have been able to optimise furnace repairs at the potassium sulphate plant and reduce production downtimes.
  • We also do mechanical maintenance, electrical automation maintenance and mechanical design.
  • We also provide Yara with warehousing and sourcing services to facilitate the day-to-day running of the plants.

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