Information and Communication Services

We provide information and communication services solutions for buildings, industry, projects, and services. The amount of Information and communication solutions and their complexity is increasing all the time.

Technologies included in information and communications can be, for example, the following.

  • Telephone and data/IT networks
  • Telematics, for roads, railways and metro
  • Traffic control systems
  • Audio visual systems (AV)
  • Intercom systems
  • Aerial systems, antennas
  • Hospital patient systems

Best solution for our clients with newest advanced technologies and professional employees

By way of close co-operation with our vendors, we are able to provide the newest advanced technology and the best solutions for our clients. Solutions and products are always planned case by case and selected to fulfil the case's special needs.
Authorities have defined certain criteria for these works to ensure that the quality of the work is at the professional level. Our employees have required licences and qualifications to fulfil these demands.

Control room and Call Centre works in close cooperation

Caverion's control room provides 24/7 centralised supervision and responses to building system processes. The control room works in close cooperation with the Call Centre personnel who register the service requests from the customers. Together, these activities form Caverion's customer service centre which is available for contract customers on any day and at any time.